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Online Security

Protecting Your Transactions

We use the latest technologies to be sure that your transactions are secure. Here are just a few of the ways we protect you and the data you submit to us:

SSL Technology

We use a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that "encrypts" any data you submit to us as long as the Web Browser you are using also supports SSL technology. Most browsers used today support SSL.

Encrypted data is very complex, making it a strenuous job to decode and therefore, much less attractive to potential hackers. Your browser encrypts all data, which remains encrypted during the entire transaction and then our web server decodes the data upon reception of your information.

In order to use SSL technology, a company must apply for the privilege to conduct electronic commerce and undergo a strict approval process to obtain a digital certificate.


Cookies are used by web application programs to store data submitted to a web server. They can be placed on your computer or the web server.

Temporary cookies are created while you browse our website. These cookies enable our ordering process and only contain general information about your order. No specific data about you, your company or the payment method to be used is stored in cookies. Information stored in our cookies is also encypted and those temporary cookies are destroyed when closing your browser.

Other Security Measures On The Internet

Here are some of the other ways you can tell if you're engaged in a secure transaction. For example:

  • A secure URL will begin with https://... ... ... while the URL of a non-secure web transaction will begin with http://... ... ...
  • Many browsers have visual indicators to let you know that an SSL transaction is in progress. Look for an icon of a lock or a key at the bottom right of your screen. Unlocked locks or broken keys indicate a non-secure environment.
  • Some browsers also use a dialog box to alert you that you are accessing a secure web server.

Privacy On Our Website

We maintain a firm commitment to our customers' privacy. Privacy refers to the information we gather from you and how that information is used. Any sensitive information we collect from you (i.e. payment information) will not be shared with any third party. Only your shipping address will be shared for delivey purposes. Finally, all sensitive information is kept safe and secure in our databases that are kept offline.

Stored Information

Only your past purchase history is stored online to enable you to re-order easily. Your contact and imprint information will appear but you will have to re-enter your payment method each time as a further courtesy to your privacy.