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Custom Labels Printing

We offer custom made labels printed with your own artwork that come in a variety of stocks, shapes and sizes.

We offer custom labels that can be used indoor or outdoor and that can be printed with up to 4 spot colors on different color paper, including fluorescent, gloss and silver foil paper.

Labels - Information

Designing your Own Custom Labels

To design your own custom labels, you should have a graphic software (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Quark, ...) or hire a graphic designer. The file should be designed in RGB mode at 300 dpi in resolution and the file size should be the label size or slightly larger if you intend on having bleeds on your labels. Bleeds mean that the ink will run to the edge of the labels. Once you have a file designed, you may upload it to our website and get your custom labels printed within 48 hours. You may also elect to play around with the quote system before you design your file, that way, you can find out if certain options are cheaper or worth having on your custom labels.

Why Should You Design Your Own Business Labels?

Designing your own business labels give you more flexibility. You get to print the business labels you want with the exact colors you want. If you have a specific logo color (a special blue for instance) and you want all your printed pieces to have the same exact blue, you will need to specify the ink color number, called a spot color or PMS color. Another reason to design your own labels includes wanting to use specific fonts for your text. Our custom business labels will allow you to upload an image of the text to print but you will be limited to a certain area of the label, as opposed to your own design labels that will let you write text anywhere. A third reason to design your own business labels: having bleeds. Bleeds mean that the ink you use on your labels prints to the edge of the labels. Not all our custom labels have the entire background in color. More specifically, you should design your own business labels when you want more control on your text, color and ink placement.