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Custom Business Envelope Printing

We carry a wide variety of business envelopes for everyday mailing needs. We carry standard business size envelopes, return envelopes, check envelopes, mailing envelopes, and more.

Other choices include self-seal, confidential or window envelopes. All envelopes are covered by our phenomenal 100% guarantee.

Custom Business Envelope Printing - Information

How fast can I get my business envelopes printed?

Depending on the solution you choose, the processing time may vary. The turnaround time for our custom business envelope printing is 3 business days with text only and 7 business days with your own logo. For business envelopes that use your own design, you have to count 10 business days. 6 business days is also available with a small rush charge.

What are some common uses for business envelopes?

Businesses rely on traditional mail every day for important communications with their customers or suppliers. We offer a large choice of business envelopes, including self-seal and confidential business envelopes so that all your mailing needs are covered.

When do you use business envelopes?

Custom business envelopes can be used all year long, but some specialty envelopes such as tax form envelopes or calendar envelopes are seasonal products.

Are your envelopes compatible with the post office?

Yes, our business envelopes meet all USPS requirements. Each order is reviewed manually by our team of experts to make sure your information will not interfere with postal regulations.

Are your business envelopes guaranteed?

Yes, our business envelopes are covered by our 100% guarantee, which means you can return them for a refund or request a replacement if you are not entirely satisfied.

Why do certain envelopes have a barcode?

A barcode can be generated on certain business envelopes (and very commonly on return envelopes) to allow for a faster, more precise delivery. They are used by the post office to identify some criteria such as a the routing zip code, your postal permit number, or even tracking data on your mail pieces.

Why do some envelopes have a "No Postage Necessary" box?

Some return envelopes can be used with your postal permit, which allows you to be billed for returning mail. If you don't have a postal permit, you may apply for one at your local post office, or you may still order an envelope that is printed with a "Place Stamp Here" box instead.