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Brochures Printing - Hole Drilling

Hole drilling can be requested on brochures if you would like them to be hung or perhaps used as bookmarks. We offer three different hole sizes so you can accommodate various uses.

Brochure Holes Drilling

Standard 3/16" Hole

Commonly used for custom size hang tags or bookmarks.

Large 1/4" or 5/16" Hole

Used whenever a little extra space is required to thread a string or wire through the hole.

Choose a Hole Drilling Size

Refer to the chart below to get a more accurate picture of the hole size you may need.

3/16" hole size 1/4" hole size 5/16" hole size
3/16" Hole 1/4" Hole 5/16" Hole

File Setup

To add hole drilling to your printed pieces, make a copy of your original artwork and save it as a FPO file (also know as a For Placement Only file). In that file, draw a black dot where you would like the hole drilling to appear. Upload both the original file and the FPO file.