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Continuous Checks Printing

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Continuous Checks ($215.00)
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Product Specifications

  • Size: Up to 9 1/2" x 7"
  • Up to 3 ink colors at no extra charge
  • Choose between secure & premium secure stock
  • Security paper has watermarks, detailed borders, pantographs and warning bands
  • Premium security paper offers more toner adhesion & enhanced chemical sensitivity (stains appear if altered)
  • Choose premium security paper if you are concerned about alterations
  • Meets banks & check 21 requirements
  • Consecutive numbering available
  • 2 complimentary PDF proofs included
  • Alignment with your software available (mail sheet with all fields marked as xxx's, a.k.a. an "x print")
  • Add 5 to 10 days to turnaround time for x print
  • Rush service available (up to 40,000 quantity)
  • Orders start at 250 checks


Save time on check writing with your own design of continuous checks.

Our continuous checks are compatible with check 21 and other US bank standards. Design your own continuous checks and send very professional, easy-to-use, business checks.

Note: all checks must contain magnetic media black ink, which is the ink scanned by the bank when they process the check, so note that anything printed in black ink that does not need to be scanned, will count as a second ink color. Also, numbering is commonly done in black ink, but red is also available for an extra charge.

These continuous checks require you to either provide camera-ready artwork or a detailed sketch of what you need (a fax will work, too). They are printed up to 3 ink colors and consecutively numbered. Our continuous checks printing solution is intended for dot matrix printers, also called pin feed or continuous printers. If you use a specific software, we will ask you to mail a printout with xxx in all fields so we can perfectly align your continuous checks with your software. Our continuous checks are compatible with major software like Quickbooks®, Quicken® or Peachtree but also with any other software out there. To test your software on your own, you can also request a sample of this form, photocopy it and try aligning your software by little tweakings.

We also offer free graphic design on continuous checks and up to 2 complimentary PDF proofs. And as with all our custom products, we offer a 100% guarantee!

Turnaround Time


Proof: 3-4 business days

Printing: 6 business days after proof approval


Proof: 1 business day

Printing: 5 business days after proof approval

Turnaround times above are only estimates. Orders with corrupt artwork, missing fonts, low resolution logos, too much text in the personalization, etc. will be delayed until that issue is resolved. The processing of your order will only start once the issue has been resolved. Finally, although very rare, issues such as a broken plates can occur and may also delay your order, so please try to plan a printing job well in advance of your deadline. Orders placed after 2pm will be processed the next business day.

Shipping Destinations


U.S.A. and Canada

Shipping Methods:

UPS (Ground, Second Day Air or Next Day Air)

Shipping charges are calculated based on the final amount of your order, please see our Shipping Chart to find out more.