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eChecks Pro: Electronic Banking at its Best

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A secure and cost-effective check alternative

Our e-checks program offers convenience, peace-of-mind and speed of an online transaction, not to mention check security.

As fast as sending an email; as easy as writing a paper check

The e-checks program offers everything you are used to with writing checks, with one simple change: the delivery is not done by mail but rather, by email.

It is a low-cost payment solution offering all the benefits of paper checks with the added convenience and speed of online payments.

You may now email a secure check to anyone with an email address! No need for banking and account numbers or mailing addresses.

The checks can be deposited at any bank or via mobile apps.


Our eChecks partner allows users such as business owners to send secure checks reliably and efficiently in four easy steps:

E-Checks Process with Steps
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How does it works?


All you need to start is an Internet connection and computer, to start sending checks anywhere in the world.


Since there is no additional technology required, electronic checks can be used by pretty much anyone with any computer.

Sending electronic checks

Set up our partner's easy-to-use software and sync it with your accounting software and start sending unlimited checks all with a few simple clicks. Not only is it a speedy process, it eliminates the need to purchase physical business checks and envelopes or stamps, for a more affordable solution.

Receiving electronic checks

The recipient)s) will receive an email with the eCheck as soon as you click "Send". The electronic checks are delivered instantly and securely. Moreover, each eCheck uses a complicated cryptographic timestamp, for additional fraud security.

Printing electronic checks

If you choose to, your recipient(s) may still be able to print and deposit an actual check so that their experience remains the more traditional check printing alternative.

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e-checks Benefits


The reduced cost of not having to order checks, envelopes and stamps is definitely a big asset.

Instant Delivery

Writing and mailing manual checks can also be time consuming. With eChecksPro, you are able to email checks in a fraction of the time that it takes to prepare paper checks.

Flexible Options

The eChecksPro platform or app enables you to send checks within seconds or take advantage of our Print+Mail service if you prefer to send a paper check to your recipient.

Your recipient is also given the choice of depositing the check via their bank’s mobile app, directly from the eChecksPro platform or by visiting a local branch. The solutions are practically endless.

The recipient can also choose to have the funds applied to a Visa or Mastercard debit card or deposit to Paypal for a total of four separate deposit options. Printing and depositing the check is the only free option; the three others all have a small fee associated with them.

More Control

When you create your account, you have the ability to determine who will be allowed within your company to send out electronic checks for your business.You may also assign user roles such as for creating a check, signing a check, or sending the checks.

Software Compatibility

Our eChecks are 100% compatible with Quickbooks®, Quicken®, and other major accounting software for a seamless and professional experience.

QuickBooks and Quicken are registered trademarks of Intuit, Inc.

Easy Integration

Your accounts payable process may be directly simplified by allowing you to send eChecks directly from QuickBooks®.

With our free app, the integration with QuickBooks® can be done easily and seamlessly. The app is available in the QuickBooks app store and is compatible with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, as well as other major accounting software.

Improved Cash Flow

With the time that it takes a paper check to be mailed, you always end up second-guessing your cash flow situation unless you pull daily reports. With eChecks, you gain more control over your cash flow instantly.


The eChecks payment solution is not only efficient and sustainable, since there is no need (if you choose that option) to print a physical check, you avoid the wasteful use of excess paper.


Unlike other patented software, eChecksPro does not require your recipients to download or use the same platform you use to email or mail the checks. They are the only payment solution offering that freedom.

Patented Check Fraud Security Built-In


With eChecks, you benefit from innovative security features that dramatically reduce the risk of fraud for your business. Unlike other electronic payment methods, you only need your recipient’s email address. No sensitive financial information will be required, so, in a way, the checking system has been reinvented or at least, revamped.

Secure Links

You may rest assured that each check is not emailed as a regular attachment. It is rather sent as a secure link that brings the recipient to a secure platform where the business check can be safely retrieved.

Companion Products


Your eCheck recipients can also enjoy eDeposit Services powered by Hyperwallet without needing you to do or pay any extras.


Our partners can take on the extra work of printing the checks, stuffing the envelopes and mailing the checks, all for a fraction of the cost it would be for you to do it.

Multi-Factor Authentication

As an extra step, eChecksPro has started to implement Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to improve security controls.

Each will be taken through the steps of the MFA setup when they log in to their account.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor Authentication, or MFA, is already being used by banks and is the method of confirming a user’s identity and granting access to a platform only after successfully providing two or more ways to verify your identity. Once MFA is enabled, users should be able to enter the system using a password but there may be times that they are required to enter a second authentication factor, based on re-authentication policies.

Why is eChecksPro requiring MFA?

One of eCheckPro's top priority is protecting customer data, building and retaining trust, so, adding the Multi-factor Authentication layer to existing security controls provides that enhanced experience, both for the system and the user.

How MFA integrates with eChecksPro

Customers enroll for MFA the first time they log on to the platform. Once logged in, eChecksPro will take them through the MFA setup process. Users can choose from different MFA options:

  • Google Authenticator
  • SMS (text) Authentication
  • Voice Call Authorization
  • Okta Verify
  • Time-based - a One-Time Password will be provided in the form of a code to enters into eChecksPro
  • Push via the Okta Mobile App

Important notes:

1. MFA does not extend to eChecksPro Mobile Checkbook App or to users of an API to send payments.

2. Customers will be asked to revalidate their identity via MFA periodically .