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Envelopes Printing - Envelope Sizes

When selecting an envelope, you clearly need to consider the size, based on the contents you plan to have. The size will therefore differ depending on the use of the envelope, and whether that envelope needs to fit inside another one. Here are the most common envelope sizes and uses for business envelopes.

Envelope Sizes

Business Envelope Sizes

#10 Envelopes

These envelopes are the most standard size for business purposes. They are 9 1/2” long x 4 1/2” high. #10 envelopes can fit a #9, #8, and a #6 envelope inside of it. They are typically used for invoices, statements, and communications of all sorts.

#9 Envelopes

These envelopes are designed for replies and returns. They are 8 7/8” long x 3 7/8” high. #9 envelopes fit inside a #10 envelope and are usually included with the piece of mail being sent so that the receiver may send a reply more easily. For faster processing by the post office, companies may apply for a permit which will let the receiver not pay for postage. With a postal permit, the company sending the mail is billed for the return as well. For more information on this please read our article on the Intelligent Mail Barcode.

#8 Envelopes

These envelopes are used to send checks and are therefore called check envelopes for that reason. They are 8 5/8" long x 3 5/8" long. #8 envelopes typically come with two windows so that the recipient and receiver addresses from the check can appear and save you time. Check envelopes fit inside #10 and #9 envelopes.

#6 Envelopes

These envelopes are used as smaller reply envelopes. They are 6 1/2" long x 3 5/8" high. #6 envelopes can fit inside #10, #9 and #8 envelopes and can be used for smaller than a letter size replies. Examples of this can be survey responses or subscription cut-outs.

Mailing Envelopes

These envelopes are used to ship contents to customers or suppliers. They range in size, varying from 6" x 9", 9" x 12", 10" x 13" to accomodate different content sizes. The opening of the envelope can be on the long side (also called catalog envelopes) or short side (also called booklet envelopes). Envelopes with the opening on the long end are usually intended for catalogs so that they can more easily be inserted whereas the opening on the short end is more for letters or documents. These shipping envelopes are available with different paper types, such as kraft or Tyvek® paper, which is tear-proof. Some envelopes are also pre-printed with the words "First Class" for companies wishing to send their mail that way.

Florist Envelopes

These envelopes are the smallest of all envelopes. They are also called card envelopes as they can fit business card size materials. They are 4 1/4" long x 2 1/2" high and come with or without a hole drilled on the side. The hole drilling is a good idea for florists so they can attach the card and envelope to bouquets and arrangements.

Envelope Size Chart

Business Envelope Size Chart