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Envelopes Printing - Common Options

Envelopes come in a variety of options that will or will not affect the price of the final product. Here are some things to consider when choosing an envelope:


The size of the envelope is obviously the first thing to consider when choosing envelopes for your business. Different envelope sizes have different prices and smaller envelopes are not necessarily cheaper but larger envelopes such as mailing and shipping envelopes are usually the most expensive type of envelope. For more information, read our article on paper types.

Special Sizes

Some companies, called envelope converters, are able to create custom size envelopes. We do not have that ability as our envelopes are a finished product.


Envelopes can come with one or two windows. One-Window envelopes have the option to have your company name and logo printed in the top left corner with the recipient's address showing in the window. Two-window envelopes have a window for your company's return address to show as well as the recipient's address. There is also the option on some two-window envelopes to have the contents of the envelope printed between the two windows. The price of window envelopes depends more on the envelope size than the number of windows. Window envelopes are available in number 10, number 9, number 8, and number 6 envelopes.

Ink Colors

Custom business envelopes allow for one ink color to be printed on an envelope but our option of selecting “Your Own Design” will let you print up to two ink colors to better suit your unique logo and brand. Adding an ink color definitely affects the price of the envelope, as a specific PMS color match must be mixed, applied and cleaned off the press once the printing job is done.

Paper Color

All our envelopes are white or kraft paper. If you need a colored envelope, like a pink envelope for instance, you will need to find an envelope converter who can print the envelope on a flat paper and then cut, fold and apply the glue to create a colored envelope.


Confidential envelopes come with a printed or tinted lining on the inside of the envelope, so that the contents will not show through. Confidential envelopes (also called security envelopes) are just slightly more expensive than regular business envelopes.

Sealing Options

Envelopes come in two different types of seal. Gummed flap envelopes are the standard type of seal that requires moisture to adhere to itself, making you have to lick the envelope to seal it off. Self sealed envelopes, on the other hand, come with an adhesive strip that folds up and allows for the top flap of the envelope to conveniently stick to it for an additional cost.


We do not allow bleeds on our envelopes, which means that the ink cannot run to the edge of the envelope.

Flap Printing

We do not print on the back flap of our custom envelopes but can do it on the envelopes created with "your own design".

Hole Drilling

Some envelopes, such as the florist envelopes, include a reinforced hole so that the envelope can be attached to flower arrangement and such.