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Brochures Printing - Common Options

Brochures can be ordered with a variety of sizes, folds and paper types, so these options typically affect the price of the product.


Our full color brochures come in 8 1/2" x 11", 8 1/2" x 14", 11" x 17", and 11" x 25 ½". The larger the brochure, the more it costs.

Paper Type

Brochures can be ordered on 100 lb Gloss Text, 100 lb Gloss Cover, 70 lb Recycled Matte Text or 80 lb Recycled Matte Cover stocks. For more information, visit the article on paper stocks

Ink Colors

Brochures look their best when printed in full color. You can have full color printing on the front of the brochure with the back left blank, or the back printed in black ink alone, or, most typically, both sides are printed in full color.


Brochures can be folded in different ways. The type of folds we offer are: Tri-fold, Half-fold, Z-fold, Double-parallel fold, and Right-angle half-fold. The type of folding chosen will affect the design and price of the brochure. To learn more about each kind of fold offered, please visit the article on folding types.

Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating is a protective coating which is applied at press. It creates a high-gloss surface to brochures to protect it from smudging and dirt. Orders for less than 250 brochures are printed digitally and do not come with an aqueous coating but orders for 250 or more brochures are printed with an offset press and come with aqueous coating at no extra charge.

Punched Holes

Holes can be drilled into brochures so they can be hung easily. Holes can be 3/16”, 1/4”, or 5/16” in diameter. The hole size drilled will affect the cost of the bochure as wll. To learn more about hole drilling visit the article holes drilling.


Perforations can sometimes be added to brochures. Common examples of this are doe a detachable coupon or business card. This will also affect the design and final price of the brochure as an extra cost is added to the base price.

Graphic Design

Besides printing, graphic design is the other substantial cost of full color brochures. If you do not know how to design a brochure and do not have a graphic designer, we can design it for you, for an extra cost.


The last thing to consider when pricing your brochures is the proof cost. Proofs are generally included in the price but you may choose to receive a hard copy proof in the mail, which is always an extra cost.