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High Security Laser Top Checks

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    • 2-Part
    • 250
    • $176.00 $0.70 each
    • 500
    • $243.00 $0.49 each
    • 1000
    • $341.00 $0.34 each
    • 2000
    • $548.00 $0.27 each
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    • $1,231.00 $0.21 each
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    • 10000
    • $1,621.00 $0.16 each
    • 15000
    • $2,085.00 $0.14 each
    • 20000
    • $2,459.00 $0.12 each

Product Specifications

  • Ref.: SDLT103
  • Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Void Pantograph with Verification Grid. The word "VOID" appears when photocopied and the Verification Grid disappears
  • False Positive Test Area. Detection circle area turns black and gold when tested with a counterfeit detector pen (SP1000)
  • Anti Copy Technology. High Security Checks are made with technology to prevent most copiers from creating a usable copy
  • Safety Hologram: Multi-dimensional foil seal hot stamped to check stock cannot be photocopied and includes 7 security features
  • Visible Security Features: Heat-sensitive ink, visible embedded fibers, chemical-wash detection area and, true watermark
  • Choice of consecutive (face up) or reverse (face down) numbering, depending on your printer setup
  • Sheet format fits all standard laser & inkjet printers; multi-part options include up to 2 color-coded duplicates on separate sheets
  • Include your business imprint plus choice of standard check color, typestyle & standard business logo
  • All orders go through proprietary screening to prevent unauthorized orders
  • Min. Order: 250

Product Description

Deter, Detect and Defend against check fraud with High Security Checks, now with NEW innovative security features! Checks remain the payment method most frequently targeted by criminals. Trusted by 7,000 financial institutions nationwide, the High Security Laser Checks offer the highest level of check security and include NEW security features, making it the most secure check available. These laser checks are compatible with Quicken, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, Microsoft Money and many others. Ideal for firms with a single checking account! Enhance legibility & convenience if you occasionally write checks by hand with preprinted lines.

Turnaround Time

No logo:

3 Business Days + Shipping

With logo or extra lines of print:

7 Business Days + Shipping

Turnaround times above are only estimates. Orders with corrupt artwork, missing fonts, low resolution logos, too much text in the personalization, etc. will be delayed until that issue is resolved.

The processing of your order will only start once the issue has been resolved. Finally, although very rare, issues such as a broken plates can occur and may also delay your order, so please try to plan a printing job well in advance of your deadline.

Orders placed after 2pm will be processed the next business day.

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U.S.A. and Canada

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UPS (Ground, Second Day Air or Next Day Air)

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