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High Security 3-To-A-Page Payroll Checks with Maximum Deductions

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Product Specifications

  • Ref.: 53229DS
  • Size: 12 15/16" x 9"
  • Two stubs for employer and employee
  • Up to 7 additional deductions (please provide your deduction in the comment box)
  • Use your own logo if you wish
  • Choice of style for your company name
  • Both salary and hourly payroll check
  • Trusted by 7,000 financial institutions nationwide.
  • Built-in features:
      Chemically sensitive paper
      Microprint border
      Invisible fluorescent fibers
      Erasure protection
      Security screen
      Warning box
  • Visible features:
      Heat-sensitive ink
      Visible embedded fibers
      Chemical-wash detection area
      True watermark
  • Safety hologram includes 7 security features and cannot be photocopied
  • Automatic Fraud Blocker (R), screening against unauthorized orders & identity fraud, plus tamper-evident packaging.
  • Min. Order: 250 checks

Product Description

These useful 3 to a Page Payroll Checks are a versatile check ideal for paying salaried or hourly employees. Binder fitting and double stubbed, these checks are the perfect checks to manage payroll transactions. Dual stub for employer and employee.

Turnaround Time

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The processing of your order will only start once the issue has been resolved. Finally, although very rare, issues such as a broken plates can occur and may also delay your order, so please try to plan a printing job well in advance of your deadline.

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